What is Dolphin Deli?


Dolphin Deli is Del Rey's hot (and cold) lunch program AND our second largest fundraiser! It is fully run by Del Rey parent volunteers; consider joining one of the teams serving lunch to your children and their friends!


Current openings for volunteers can be found Volunteer Schedule.


For further information on how to join a great team of volunteers, please email Dolphin Deli at dolphindeli@hotmail.com.


New this school year: we have moved to two ordering periods instead of three. Splitting the year in two allows us to keep the Dolphin Deli ordering period away from your busy end-of-year schedule, with both periods about the same duration.


Please see the Dolphin Deli Important Dates section for late/change orders and cancellations.


The Dolphin Deli forms and menu ordering list are HERE in the Del Rey Forms & Store section.