Del Rey Annual Fund

Donor Levels and Benefits


NEW FOR THE 2020/2021 ACADEMIC YEAR: We have simplified our request to ONE combined donation per child annually from our parent community to the Del Rey Parents' Club Annual Fund. In past years, Del Rey Parents' Club (DRPC) had asked for three separate donations per student per year from our parent community (Annual Fund-$1,300, Back-to-School Bundle- $185 and EFO Ask- $650). 


For the 2020/2021 Academic Year, DRPC requests a $2,200 per student donation to ONE- Del Rey


Each Annual Fund donation bridges the gap between state funding to the district and the actual amount of money it costs to educate each child this year with the current exceptional curriculum offered at Del Rey Elementary School.  Your Annual Fund donation pays for teachers, instructional resources, and programs specific to Del Rey Elementary School. Donations made to ONE-Del Rey are used to pay current school year expenses including:



Please support the ONE-Del Rey Ask by making a voluntary donation of $2,200 per student today.  


Our goal is 100% participation in fundraising from all Del Rey families, so every contribution regardless of size is greatly appreciated and very needed! We hope you will consider making a contribution at a level that is meaningful to you. Thank you. 


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Donation Amount


ONE-Del Rey Sponsor Level 



ONE-Del Rey Bronze Level




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ONE-Del Rey Gold Level




ONE-Del Rey Platinum Level






Pay what you can



If you are able to contribute an amount greater than the $2,200 per child recommended minimum donation, please do so.  Our children and school will benefit even more.  Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.